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Want to travel but don’t have the money?


1. Tourists ask to stay at people’s houses


If you want to save maximum costs when traveling, you can choose to ask for a vacation from a homestay to both experience the form of rest and living like a local in their own home. You can learn more about eating habits, thinking habits, living habits in the place you go, and at the same time know the best places to visit, play the best, eat the best, the cheapest, especially… no need to. pay for accommodation. An important point is that you need to be confident and communicate well to gain the trust of the indigenous people.

2. Cooking for yourself while traveling


Cooking is the second thing that saves you travel expenses. Houses with ready-to-use kitchenware, going to the market to buy food and then processing it will save you a lot of money for the trip. And cooking for yourself also saves you from having to travel to food places to save on travel costs. Cheese is only in the mousetrap and there are no free meals, so it’s better to learn how to save.

3. Call for help from WWOOF

WWOOF is a non-profit organization linking organic farms in 99 countries around the world. Farm owners will register as hosts with WWOOF, and backpackers will sign up as volunteers.

WWOOF will be an intermediary between the two parties connecting tourists with backpacking with farmers of this organization. Working on a farm is not a bad idea while breathing in the fresh air.

4. Working abroad while traveling

  • Au pair 
  • Bartender
  • Guest house service staff
  • Waiter
  • Farm workers (very common in Australia and New Zealand)
  • Tour guide
  • Cruise ship staff
  • Staff Casino
  • HR services at resorts…

And here are three sites that can help you find a job abroad: CIEE, Allianceabroad, Bunac.

5. Find free flights

There are many ways to find cheap or free flights:

  • Sign up for several credit cards from different banks
  • Collect bonus points (by signing up for all banking transactions linked with airlines)
  • Shopping at member stores of airlines such as Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, and Target…; pay by card…) and then… fly for free!
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